Darren Pang Makes An Unfortunate Slip

Perhaps today is the day for AA to take note of hockey announcers and analysts making gigantic slip-ups.  Hockey analyst Darren Pang, formerly of ESPN (ya know, when they covered hockey), made an unfortunate mistake on TSN in Canada this week.  He was trying to compare Montreal Canadiens defender PK Subban (who is black) to Alex Pietrangelo of the St. Louis Blues (who is white).  The video below is one of those live TV moments that just makes you cringe…

Yipes.  Talking about playing the “white way” is probably in the top 10 worst things you could say when discussing a black hockey player.  Pang has a good enough reputation where this is likely an honest mistake instead of an unintentional disclosure of his true feelings.  Still though, it makes for some painfully awkward TV.  Apology below…


Matt Yoder

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