We’re bringing this AA staple back — we provide a photo, you come up with hilarious captions and we present the winners, and a new pic, the next day (or whenever we get around to it). At the bottom of each post, we’ll also have 5-10 links that we highly recommend you check out.

Create the caption #405 winners:


Man, Mark Cuban has really let himself go. — Matt B

Moob pencil test is MLB’s new way to test for steroids.  — Pip

Welcome to another edition of “Proof of Why Baseball Players Are Not Real Athletes.” — TVLG

“THIS is why they call me FAT ELVIS!!!!” — Jack Butler 505

Can you provide a caption for this pic of the death of Tony Romo and the Cowboys? (pic via 30fps!)


Not Awful Links:

Fox is using the NFL theme for all of its sports now [FanHouse]

World Series on ESPN Radio [ESPNMedia]

Paul the Octopus has died too young! [SB Nation]

Reporter compares Phillies loss to 1906 San Francisco earthquake [Deadspin]

Tony Reali’s error [The Sports Hernia]

Charles Barkley on Favre: “They don’t keep guys out of the HoF for being freaky.” [Sports Business Daily]

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