We’re bringing this AA staple back — we provide a photo, you come up with hilarious captions and we present the winners, and a new pic, the next day. At the bottom of each post, we’ll also have 5-10 links that we highly recommend you check out.

Yesterday’s photo winner:


Jimmy Johnson is a damn liar!  — TBK

Oh my God, it doesn’t even look big on the big screen. — Scottie Mac

Brett Favre looks on in horror as disgruntled Packer fans take control of the New Meadowlands Stadium video board. — TLVG

In a rare display of emotion, Brett Favre wonders if his poor play in 2010 will tarnish his well-earned recent public image of alleged sexual harrassment, yearly waffling on retirement, and team jumping to satisfy his ego.  — Matt B

Can you make a hilarious caption for this hilarious photo of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James? (via)


Not Awful Links:

Mike Ditka has zero sympathy for Jenn Sterger [The National]

Brett Favre probably wishes Stephen A. Smith ran Deadspin [NESW Sports]

New York Sportscaster Sal Marchiano files age-discrimination lawsuit in Manhattan federal court [New York via DSS828]

Meet those two “Russian” kids who duped the Miami Herald [Thunder Treats]

Meet a really ugly Michigan fan [Detroit4lyfe]

John Elways loses millions in ponzi scheme [NPR]

Random: Naked jogger gets tased [Busted Coverage]

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