We’re bringing this AA staple back — we provide a photo, you come up with hilarious captions and we present the winners, and a new pic, the next day. At the bottom of each post, we’ll also have 5-10 links that we highly recommend you check out.

Yesterday’s photo winners:


[Distant voices from the Braves dugout an hour after the game]  “Listen, Brooks. The Giants aren’t going to come back out just because you called “do over”. Let it go, buddy. Just let it, go.” — Matt B

God couldn’t have made it any more clear to Bobby Cox that Brooks Conrad shouldn’t have been in the lineup. — Jameson
We’ve replaced Brooks Conrad with Chuck Knoblauch. Let’s see if Bobby Cox notices. — LeeZy
We’ve replaced Brooks Conrad’s glove oil with Folger’s Crystals. Let’s see if he notices. — bubbaprog


When you look at this picture, what’s the best caption that comes to mind?


Not Awful Links:

Two lost fumbles and a pick-six? ESPN: Favre is such a warrior out there. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Longtime Cavs announcer hospitalized [SI.com]

TBS is not afraid to show visible/audible F bombs [Larry Brown Sports]

Did you think Ernie Johnson made a slick transition to baseball? [Denver Post via Fangs Bites]

James Wisniewski with an obscene gesture for Sean Avery [Detroit4lyfe]

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