Craig Sager loves his sense of style, but nobody else really does. Especially Kevin Garnett, who had some questions of his own for Sager last night after scoring the game winner against the 76ers and, it seems, getting the gatorade cooler dumped on him. (Also, keep an eye out for how scared Sager gets when Garnett goes to high-five his chest):

Kevin Garnett suggested Sager still has no stylist, but, little does Garnett know, he’s been serving the role for years. Here’s video of KG telling Sager he can’t bring back the 70s and here’s another video of KG telling Sager to get butt-ass nekked and burn a suit. Garnett clearly cares.

For “all the glory of Craig Sager’s majestic wardrobe,” you must check out [image via same link]