Things are bound to be a wee bit awkward in Detroit tonight as Jim Joyce is set to be behind the plate for Armando Galarraga’s scheduled start. I’m a pretty big Tigers fan and I’ve had some form of season tickets every year since 2003. Yeah, that year we won 43 games. Needless to say, all the lessons on “sportsmanship” and “forgiveness” mean poopoo diddley to this curmudgeon. I’ve seen some bad things, and that moment is still the most sickening personal experience I’ve had watching sports in my lifetime.

This story I’m about to tell you is so bad, but completely true. That night was my Mom’s birthday. I was at my Mom’s place; we grilled up some food and just had a quiet night watching the Tigers. I usually am not a superstitious person, but the entire game neither of us changed seats or mentioned out loud what we knew was going on to avoid jinxing it. This is when it gets bad. The second Joyce “kicked the shit” out of that call, I stood up, swore repeatedly (probably the first time I’ve ever done that around my Mom) and stormed out and left my Mom’s house without saying anything. Didn’t even get to the cake. It was pretty much the rudest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Anyways, the video up top is CNBC’s reaction to the call. I realize you might have seen it because Awful Announcing and CNBC have similar fanbases. The video below is completely not safe for work which makes it awesome. It’s the WWF’s Iron Sheik’s reaction to the blown call.