Here’s two things you probably like, Charles Barkley and Conan O’Brien.

Tomorrow night on TNT is the much ballyhooed return of the King of Akron to Cleveland. The TNT studio crew will be taking their talents to Cleveland for one of the rare times they cover a regular season game not from  their home studios in Atlanta. Not much interest is really about the game that will be played (so far, two middle of the pack teams), but rather how obscene and rowdy the crowd might be. Whoever is in charge of the bleep fucktion…err, bleep function might have a long night ahead of them. I swear to the God that has forsaken Steve Johnson that I’ll rollerblade down to Cleveland and I’ll go all Bill Murray on every one of them if they harm one beautiful hair on Marv Albert’s head. They can mess up Reggie Miller all they want though.

I don’t know if this is actually what will happen tomorrow night, but a Cavalier fan has attempted to organize the fans in taunts at James. You can read the gameplan here. And, it’s written in Comic F’n Sans so you know HE IS FURIOUS. Here’s an excerpt.

Start of Third Quarter
To the tune of “My Country Tis of Thee”
Our King he betrayed Thee
Couldn’t play any ‘D’
He has no RING!
Playoffs He Barely Tried
Embarassed Akrons Pride
No Doubt he really lied
(Repeat as Necessary)