So you probably already know that Sal Marchiano retired from broadcasting back in 2008.  What you may not know, is that he’s now claiming that “retirement” was more of a “firing for being too old,” and is suing the station’s former manager for age discrimination.

In his lawsuit, Marchiano said that the station incorrectly told The Daily News that he had voluntarily retired from the station. “WPIX would not have characterized Mr. Marchiano’s departure from the station as a ‘retirement’ if he were an even somewhat younger reporter or anchor,” the suit says.

[C]laims made last June in a federal age-discrimination lawsuit filed by Karen Scott, the station’s former news director, included accounts of [GM Betty Ellen] Berlamino’s attitude toward Marchiano and other station personalities like Kaity Tong and Marvin Scott. Scott said that Berlamino told her that because of Marchiano’s age, “he doesn’t look good on the air.”

Berlamino was not immediately available to respond to lawsuit. She was let go in June.

NY Times

Now obviously the station is shady for calling this a “retirement,” but making it completely illegal to fire people is a pretty impractical way of combatting unemployment.  Dios mio, mang.  Where does it end? This Berlamino character ought to come back and sue the station because they fired her for being an anti-agist! Ba-zing! I sue you, you sue her, she sues somebody else and we can all get a million dollars from a magical bottomless money pit of American business.

Marchiano did not sue the station because its owner, the Tribune Company, is in bankruptcy.