For some reason, I completely forgot to put up the Week Four Pammy Nominees. Here they are, and I’ll tell you the winner(s) when I put up week five’s.

Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Five

1. “Maryland really struggling this season.”- Pam Ward
“Your Turtles.”- Ray Bentley
“Yeah, they’re turtling up.”- Pam Ward

2. “Under the Teflon sky of the MetroDome.”- Clay Matvick

3. “He ran in there like Ray Charles. You got to look in the eyes and see where you’re going.”- Doc Walker

“For fat guys like me, the slab of bacon was a better trophy than the axe.”- Bob Wischusen

5. “Ride your horse. Clay’s your horse. Ride him.” – Chris Spielman

6. “In the NFL when the quarterback is sacked inside two minutes, the clock stops; not in college, the clock keeps running.”- Bob Griese

“Bob Wischusen alongside Brian Griese and Chris Spielman.” – Bob Wischusen
“Did you just call me Brian Griese?” – Bob Griese

8. “Sacks him, right up into the breast plate.”- David Norrie

9. “He either feels people at his feet or guys coming on his backside.” – Gary Danielson

Michael Reghi: You’re looking at Brandon Crawford of Ball State, a 33-year-old veteran of the Vietnam War.
Doug Chapman: Gulf War, you mean.

“Ronnie Wingo: Takes the ‘o’ off of Wingo and you’ve got wings!”- Mark Jones

12. “He’s got great arm talent.”- David Norrie

Who Should Win The Pammy For Week Five?(online surveys)


Last Week’s Winners:

New Standings: 1. Pam Ward (38), 2. Chris Spielman (19), 3. Ed Cunningham (17), 4. Ray Bentley (16) 5. Brent Musburger (14), 6. Gary Danielson (13), 7. Dave Pasch (10), 8. Rod Gilmore (9), Sonny Randle (9), Todd Harris (9)

Others Receiving Votes: Mark Jones (8), Matt Devlin (8), Kirk Herbstreit (7), Chris Fowler (7), Bob Griese (6), Bob Davie (5), Todd McShay (5), Todd Blackledge (4), Erin Andrews (4), Doc Wakler (3), Dave Neal (3), Petros Papadakis (2), Matt Millen (2), Brad Nessler (1), Rece Davis (1)