Tony and Matt Millen have had a long relationship, and even as Millen was destroying the Lions, it was still tough for the PTIer to say anything bad about the guy. Kornheiser thinks so highly of Millen that he said yesterday that a booth that adds him as an analyst would be the best in the business. Even better than the MNF team. Via Fanhouse….

“It’s fair to ask the question, ‘If you’re so smart, why didn’t you ever win? But Matt Millen is great on TV. Not good, he’s great. The booth that he walks into will become the best booth. Even if he walks over my body and sits in my seat, it’s going to become the best. He’s just great at it, and in six months or less people will forget.”- Tony Kornheiser

I personally enjoy Jaws more, but during some of the later games this season, he started to get on my nerves. Tony is right about one thing though, replacing him with Matt Millen would make the MNF booth infinitely better. Hell you could replace him with Pam Ward, and it would be better. Well maybe not Pam….let’s say FOX’s Chris Rose.