Yardbarker, the site that supports this site, has a ton of athletes on its blogging roster, but their latest pickup might be the most notable. Well at least controversial. Terrell Owens is now blogging for the network, and in his first post (a huge 50 word piece) he addresses Cris Carter’s comments on “shooting” the Cowboys’ wide receiver….

Hey Yardbarker… This is T.O. and I want to tell you this myself. People ask me what I thought about what Cris Carter said about me a few days ago. All I know is, if I’d been the one who had said that about him, what would everyone have thought?

Well, as short as that side of things is, he’s actually right. The Sports World would have been up in arms if Owens was the one using the reference, but then again….who does he have to blame that perception on? It’s a double edged sort out there folks, especially for athletes. It’s usually best to be on the duller one, if you know what I mean.

What Cris Carter said (Yardbarker)