I’ll be around for a half day today, but that shouldn’t stop you from submitting quotes. We’re reaching the end of the line, and Pammy looks to have this one in the bag. Who will be the one to challenge her?

Week Ten Announcing Schedule

“To help block the sun from your eyes, close one eye and turn your head, your nose will help block the sun.”- Glen Mason (via Robert)

“Now see, that’s cookin’ with Crisco right there, you come off that hole, now you talk about an explosive play, a statement… that’s walkin the dog right there”- Doc Walker (via CB)

“Will Muschamp has a fast-twitch brian muscles……….he’s a smart guy.”- Gary Reasons (via 49er)

“If you’re home and the crowd goes crazy you know something good’s happening. And if they go oohhhhhhhh, you know, they give you one of those sad ones. You know something, not good for your team has happened.”- Bob Griese

“These turnovers are like a bug….H1N1 here!” – Ron Thulin (via Eric)

“Are you in four down territory now?”- Dave Pasch
“Well you have five minutes left.”- Bob Griese not answering the question