Sorry for the delay in getting the post up, the weather has wrecked havoc on my internet and cable. We should be good to go though…

Week Nine Announcing Schedule

“As long as it’s Florida/Alabama and Texas, it’ll be a non-controversial BCS championship.”- Bob Davie

“Hung over from the vapors of success.”- Mark Jones

“They were up 28-3 last week, but that was a little deceiving because they got up so fast” – Bob Davie

“Where’s the pips? They look like Gladys Knight on the sideline.”- Mark Jones

“That must be jelly, because jam doesn’t shake that way.”- Mark Jones
“Oh boy, he pulled out the jelly jam reference.”- Bob Davie

“For the first time in his career at Georgia, Tebow did not speak to the media after the game.”- Verne Lundquist

“A loss of five… a gain of five.”- Terry Gannon

“The guy who makes the tackle there, that’s the running back’s defender.” – Craig James

“When I was young, my grandmother made me a Mr. Peanut costume.” – Mike Patrick

“They say we should talk more like a Mime.”- Terry Gannon

“Eight’s not half of 29. It’s half of 16, which is half of 29.” – Craig James

“Wait a minute. I flunked art but I didn’t flunk vision”- Matt Millen while trying to use the telestrator