Week Four Announcing Schedule

“And Nick Ford with the 24 year old, 24 YARD field goal.”- Pam Ward

“Anthony Dixon is 6-1, 235, and he’s been in the rodeo before.”- Dave Neal (via Joe)

“Pushed out of bounds by Mouton….touchdown Indiana.”- Pam Ward (via Joe)

“Another guy who’s a converted wide receiver, now playing in the backfield. Defensive backfield.”- Pam Ward

“Both of these teams are undefeated for a reason: Resiliency.”- Dave Lapham (via 49er16)

“He looks like a water bug. Just scootin’ out there.”- Ray Bentley

“Naaman Roosevelt is hit by a host of cherry-shirted Temple defenders.”- Michael Reghi (via Joe)

“Dawes was the outside guy, worked inside, then did a little whip route, where you move inside then *whip it back out*” – Ray Bentley (via Brian)

Steve Martin: “What’s the difference between engagement and shading?”
Doc Walker: “Well, engagement is engagement, y’know… and shadin’ is shadin’…”
(via Tully)

“You throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care, like in that rap song.”- Chris Spielman (via Evan)

“You practice with wet balls all the time.”- Ed Cunningham

“Trying to tackle Tebow is like trying to tackle a moving refrigerator. And the refrigerator is winning.” – Mark Jones

“Tebow stopped on a dime and didn’t leave any change for the Wildcats.” – Mark Jones

“Right now, we’re in horse country, and they are riding Tim Tebow like Secretariat. Or Seabiscuit. They’re all winners.” – Mark Jones

Brent Musberger: “Did you have some of that Peachy Paterno ice cream?”
Kirk Herbstreit: “Yeah, I had to stumble over there. What about you?”
Brent Musberger: “No, I was reaching for a Peachy Sam Adams.”

“You’re watching Sunday Night Football on ABC.” – Brent Musburger

“He reached in between Small’s legs and grabbed the loose ball.” – Ed Cunningham

“Welcome back to Fayetteville.”- Verne Lundquist multiple times, when the game was in Tuscaloosa