Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Five

I’ll be around for a full day today, and I can’t wait to spend it with Pammy and the rest of the gang. I’ll be in and out during Gameday, but I’ll see you at noon for a day of wonderment!

Week Five Announcing Schedule

“If you hit your receivers, you put a lot of pressure on the defense.”- Chris Spielman (via 49er)

“This has been a speddy drive for the Spartans.”- Wayne Larrivee

“Arkansas State down fourteen to nothing to….uh….Iowa.”- Pam Ward (You would think she would know it’s Iowa that’s playing since her and Ray cover the team almost every week)


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“Maryland really struggling this season.”- Pam Ward
“Your Turtles.”- Ray Bentley
“Yeah, they’re turtling up.”- Pam Ward

“He’s a tremendous foot athlete.”- Chris Martin

“Under the Teflon sky of the MetroDome.”- Clay Matvick (via Joe)

“Seven of the first 12 passes that Decker………Weber has thrown has gone to Decker.” – Bob Griese (Via 9er)

“He ran in there like Ray Charles. You got to look in the eyes and see where you’re going.”- Doc Walker

“That’s a wet frisbee that dog is catching. He doesn’t put it on the turf.”- Chris Martin

“If you look up burst and suddenness in the dictionary, you’ll find double nickle, Brandon Graham.”- Chris Martin

“His running has literally killed Michigan on some of these drives”- Wayne Larrivee (via Mike)

“Are you starting to fear the turtle yet?”- Clay Matvick
“Oh I’m feeling it.”- David Diaz-Infante

“For fat guys like me, the slab of bacon was a better trophy than the axe.”- Bob Wischusen

“You dance with girl you brung ball.”- Wayne Larrivee (Not sure that’s the right phrase)

“Ride your horse. Clay’s your horse. Ride him.” – Chris Spielman (via SS)

“Bob Wischusen alongside Brian Griese and Chris Spielman.” – Bob Wischusen
“Did you just call me Brian Griese?” – Bob Griese
(via SS)

“In the NFL when the quarterback is sacked inside two minutes, the clock stops; not in college, the clock keeps running.”- Bob Griese (via Chuck)

“I did not have a decorated career. I’ve had rotator cuff surgery and I am probably over weight, but I could have completed that pass.”- Gary Danielson
“If you consider yourself overweight, I do not want to know what you say about me.”- Verne Lundquist
(via Mal)