Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Eight

Sorry for the delay in getting the post up, the weather has wrecked havoc on my internet and cable. We should be good to go though…

Week Eight Announcing Schedule

I think we already have a winner….

“Where’s Juan Pablo Montoya?….perhaps he’s out getting a taco”- Bob Griese

“Arkansas shot their wad last week.”- Lee Corso (via Joe)

“That is a phone booth fight. What would you do in a phone booth fight.”- Chris Spielman
“I would knee cap you.”- Dave Pasch
(via 9er)

“Randy Edsall going for it on third-and-3.”- Clay Matvick (via Tully)

“This is the point in the game where they squeeze the life out of you, like a python wrapped around your body” – Doc Walker (via JGreul)

“Ron Guenther the Illinois A.D. said Ron Turner will be the head coach next year”- Pam Ward
“U mean Ron Zook”- Ray Bentley
“Oh yea, Ron Zook, Ron Turner is the other Ron”- Pam Ward
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