I hesitated to use the term “mainstream” in the title because one of these articles comes from the Huffington Post, but two reporters in the past day have come out and ask for FOX to remove Joe Buck from the NFC Championship Game. Stephen Kaus from HuffPo was first, but has been followed today by Matt Nadu at NBC in Philadelphia.

NBC Philly: “But, like the hard economic times that have devastated this country, Buck has crippled not only our wallets by using taxpayer money for a game day Federal Marshall escort but he’s also taken away some of our seemingly undying spirits.

Philadelphia can only take so much.

Buck lacks that certain something when he broadcasts a sporting event. He can’t quite put the, what’s the word, ah, life into anything. In fact, it feels like he makes his living draining the life of all who are forced to listen to him. Taxpayers you might want to work a little harder this week because a certain someone has another game to attend on Sunday.”

Huffington Post: “Where, exactly, was Joe Buck while his father Jack was urging St Louis Cardinal fans to “go crazy folks” when the Redbirds won a playoff game* or telling a national radio audience that “I don’t believe what I just saw” after Kurt Gibson’s 1988 world Series blast off of the Eck?**

Was he reading a book? He is bloodless! And now it comes out that Buck and Aikman have been improperly escorted to gamers by U.S. Marshals.

Although I appreciate Brent Musburger’s work these days on the NBA and college football, it was a liberating day in 1990 when CBS removed his stranglehold on its sports programming.

Please Fox, get rid of Buck. And you don’t have to look far for an NFL replacement. Marv’s son, who kept stats for his dad at a New York Rangers game when he was six years old, is right there in your stable.”

My favorite part about anything with Buck these days is that people almost write about him with complete shock. Like it’s new that he comes across not caring about the game his covering. It’s been like that with him for yearrrrrs, but I guess it’s good that people are noticing rather than kissing his “lifeless” ass.

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