Not that the Colin Cowherd hosted show doesn’t already piss you off, but apparently ESPN is going to make it completely unwatchable for a day. The afternoon show will be going for the Guinness World record, for the most mentions of the name….Brett Favre. Seriously….

ESPN hopes to hype records for its Green Bay-Minnesota game Monday night. Literally. ESPN, says spokesman Mike Soltys, will announce that on next Monday’s broadcast of its ESPN2 SportsNation (5 p.m. ET), it will try to set a record for the most mentions of Brett Favre on a TV show — with Guinness World Records now looking for the current record. Some records should never be broken.

First of all, you don’t really even need to hype the game. It’s basically guaranteed to become the most watched cable program of the year, by a long shot. Second….really? REALLY ESPN?!?! I understand that you think you’re being cute, but this is just a terrible, terrible idea.

Spice Rack (USA Today)