Don’t Expect Any Tiger Talk On CBS

I’ve tried my best to not give you any Tiger news that you haven’t heard already (and that has me posting zero items on it), but I couldn’t skip past this nugget from CBS analyst Ian Baker-Finch. In an interview he did with the Sidney Morning Herald, Finch basically said there has been a gag ordered by the “Eye”….

Former British Open champion and respected CBS golf commentator Ian Baker-Finch has been gagged by the US network from talking about Tiger Woods’ dramatic fall from grace.

“Mate, if I say one word about Tiger I will get fired,” Baker-Finch said before playing in Australia’s richest one-day pro-am at Wynnum Golf Club today.

Well, I hate to say this to Ian and the folks at CBS, but if you don’t talk about it this year, you’re not going to have many viewers. I mean, you’re not going to have many anyway, but you mind as well try for as many as you can if you ask me.

Baker-Finch gagged about commentating on Tiger (Sydney Morning Herald)