Good lord. Things just keep getting worse in this economy, don’t they? On what should be a triumphant day for Americans, radio giant Clear Channel decided to cut 9% of its workforce today, meaning 1,850 people within the company lost their job. What does that mean to me, you ask? Well Clear Channel runs a great number of Sports Talk stations, and some of your favorite shows could be going away. Sports by Brooks has some of the early casualties….

WDFN, which broadcasts Pistons games, whacked all of its local hosts, and will instead run Fox Sports Radio programming 24/7. The FLORIDA TIMES-UNION also reports severe cuts at WFXJ sports radio in Jacksonville. Where local personalities have been slashed.

There will be much more fallout in the next couple days, as job cuts become public market-by-market. Worst-hit will be sales staffs and local market personalities, who can be replaced by syndicated programming from ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio and Sporting News Radio. (But I’ve also confirmed some layoffs at CC-operated Fox Sports Radio.)

Not yet known is the effect the layoffs will have on L.A.-sports station KLAC-AM, which recently lost the Lakers broadcast rights to local competitor KSPN-AM. That said, I’ve been hearing rumors for months about the demise of KLAC’s sports format.

Just depressing. Usually they save this level of carnage for a “Black Friday” of sorts, but I guess every company is stepping up and making changes. Unfortunate yes, but these are the times we live in. Hope all of you CCers that read the site, find work out there real soon.

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