It seemed pretty cut and dry that Falcons’ Coach, Mike Smith would win the 2008 Coach of the Year award, but that wasn’t the case for one Robert Quinlan “Bob” Costas. See Costas’ vote went to someone who’s team didn’t even make the Playoffs. In fact, it went to someone who’s team did five games worse than they did last season. Yep, Costas voted for Bill Belichick, and here’s his reasoning. Via The Boston Globe….

“I didn’t think he would win, but I thought he deserved a nod for what might have been the best, or certainly one of the best coaching jobs of his career,” Costas said. “He loses [Tom] Brady, and it’s not just losing Brady, but also that [Matt] Cassel basically never played. It’s not the same thing as losing Johnny Unitas and you have Earl Morrall. He brought the kid along.”

“The winner is usually the guy whose team is the most surprising, and I wouldn’t argue against Smith, Sparano or [John] Harbaugh. You could make a good case for them, as well as others, like Jeff Fisher, Tony Dungy, John Fox and Tom Coughlin. I just thought Belichick did a phenomenal job, considering the emotional hangover that had to be there from coming so close to perfection [in 2007] and losing in such agonizing fashion, and then you lose Brady virtually from the opening kickoff of the first game. There is not just a strategic adjustment that has to be made, but you have to convince these guys not to say ‘to heck with it.’ There must be an incredible level of respect there for him to command that type of effort.”

I also think Belichick is an amazing coach (when he’s not cheating…I kid), but to vote someone in for what he did with just one player makes absolutely zero sense. Especially when you consider the performances by the other candidates.

Oh and yes, in case you were wondering, Costas’ was the only vote cast for the Patriots’ Coach.

Vote for Belichick was cast by Bob Costas (Boston Globe)