Well at least that’s what Peter King is trying to tell people. is reporting that newly signed ESPN analyst, Matt Millen, is the leader in the clubhouse to replace Cris Collinsworth, but the network is also considering Brian Billick, Marshall Faulk and the one and only….Joe Theismann!!!

Remember I told you a couple of weeks ago how NFL Network was furious with Jon Gruden for agreeing to a deal to do color on the Thursday night games in a two-man booth, then reneging to sign with ESPN? NFL Network wasn’t exactly thrilled with the worldwide leader for ripping off Gruden. Well, ESPN and NFL Network may just have to play nice now to get another deal done — if league TV decides to make Millen the color man to replace Gruden for its eight-game slate of late-season games.

In the wake of NFL Network losing Gruden, the channel has considered a few options of analysts to pair with Bob Papa. One is Brian Billick, the quick-on-his-feet former Ravens coach who had a successful debut on Fox last season. Another would be a three-man booth, with Papa, Marshall Faulk and Joe Theismann, who, presumably, would walk to each game if the network would give him the gig. But I hear Millen is the leader in the NFL Network clubhouse.

Bob Papa and Matt Millen would actually make a heck of a team, but to do so, Millen would have to work approximately 90 hours a week. He’d potentially be in studio for Monday Night Football, have NFL Live during the week, Thursday Night Football and finally College Football work for ESPN on the weekend. Even the most dedicated of broadcasters can’t talk that much without losing their voice.

While I think Joe Theismann would be a bad choice, I almost miss him at this point. A three-man booth of Papa, Theismann and Marshall Faulk, would be dreadful….it would certainly provide tons of posts for the site. Hmmm….someone flip a coin for me.

The Matt Millen Job Fair (SI)