Game: The BCS National Championship Game
Teams: Florida Gators (12-1) vs. Oklahoma Sooners (12-1)
Location: Miami, Florida, Dolphin Stadium
Start Time: 8PM EST (FOX)
Network and Announcers: Thom Brennaman, Charles Davis, Chris Myers
Favorite: Florida (-6), O/U 70
AA’s Pick: Flordia 27 – Oklahoma 20

Okay folks, this is it! It’s for all the marbles and the fun gets underway around 8 o’clock. I used the term “running quotes” above because this isn’t going to be a specific live-blog (you don’t need me telling you what you can see with your own eyes), but I will be updating this spot throughout the night. Feel free to leave your predictions in the comments, and I’ll see you for the Championship Game later tonight!

Oh one more thing….your official “Band Shot” count will be at the top of the quotes starting at kickoff. Be sure to let me know if you see either and then….DRINK!


And herrrre we……GO!

“Super Sam beat out Superman for the Heisman”- Charles Davis (Via Grant)

And yes….FOX did miss the flyover. Bastards. Band….Band! Double drink at the kickoff.

“Our camera hovering above the field like a humming bird.”- Thom Brennaman

“They had 4 games that hit the 500 yd rushing mark, Tebow was one of them.” – Thom Brennaman (Via JG)

“Oklahoma won the turnover.”- Thom Brennaman

“Brown on first and twenty picks up three.”- Thom Brennaman on a first down after a personal foul penalty.

Still first and ten, big guy.

I’m at the 3D telecast. I don’t know who the color guy is but he just said about Tebow…

“…he just took it up the A-Hole.” (GuJo For God)


“If you’re fortunate to spend 5 or 20 minutes around Tim Tebow, you’re better for it.”- Thom Brennaman

“Maybe only South Florida traffic can slow down these two teams.”- Chris Myers

“He comes right across the face of number ten.”- Charles Davis

“These thoroughbreds, these Secretariats, it could tighten up at halftime” – Charles Davis (Via Anon)

7-0 Florida

“These teams have run everybody out of the gym.” – Thom Brennaman (Via SS)

“Tebow steps out of major trouble to gain a yard..erm add 5 on top of that for a gain of 6.”- Thom Brennaman (Via Anon)


“That was Louis Murphy, the son of a Baptist Miner…Minerster….stirring it up.”- Thom Brennaman

Wow that was terrible. Both Brennaman and Davis spent five minutes debating a fourth down call, and it was still third down. Thank god ESPN has taken this s**t show over.

“Big decision time here…do you go for it on 4th down?”- Brennaman
“Go, go, go ,go go”- Charles Davis on third and goal

Terrible….just terrible.

“I got so excited, I thought they were going on 4th down twice!”- Thom Brennaman
“I should have been there to help you partner.”- Charles Davis

7-7 at the half. How about that 70 point over/under

“When Major Wright hits you, you feel it in a major wrong way.”- Thom Brennaman

“Architectural like precision from Bradford.”- Thom Brennaman

As one commenter mentioned….it’s usually said as “surgical precision”.

“If this is a tennis match, those are two unforced errors.”- Charles Davis (Via RJBO)

14-7 Gators

“He lost his shoe after losing a defender!”- Thom Brennaman on OU’s TD


“The field goal is almost conceded where they are on the field of play.”- Charles Davis

Really? The opponent’s fifteen yard line? Doesn’t matter anyway as Florida scores a TD to go up 10 with 3 minutes left.

“Has traveled to Croatia, Thailand, three times to the Philippines with his family on Mission trips.”- Thom Brennaman

Or just Missions.

“You can’t punt the ball away.”- Charles Davis on a 4th and 4 with 2:30 on the clock and Oklahoma down 10.

“They’re getting ready to unload on Urban Meyer.”- Thom Brennaman on the Gatorade being prepped

FINAL: Florida 24 – Oklahoma 14

Annnnnnnnd finish whatever you’re drinking for a band girl crying!