This is so bad, I really don’t even have words to describe it. During the second quarter, Oklahoma got a first down and goal at the 10 yard line. Well Thom Brennaman got confused at some point and began calling 2nd down as 3rd down, which in turn led to 3rd down down being called as 4th. The worst part though is he and booth partner, Charles Davis, both began yelling for Oklahoma to go for it on 4th down (actually 3rd) that neither was even ready for the Sooners actually going for it on the real 4th down. Here’s the clip….

I poke a lot of fun at FOX’s Bowl production, but there are literally 25 or so people involved in the broadcast. Someone please yell the f’ing down to these asshats! It says it right there on the damn screen you two!!!

I’ve never been so glad for ESPN to take something over, and I’m dreading FOX’s final BCS offering next year.