I don’t know how you could possibly think that there was nothing wrong in using the nation’s resources to get an escort to and from a sporting event, but that’s exactly what FOX analyst is claiming today. Neil Best transcribed a brief interview with Aikman, and here’s what was said….

“No, no. I just got knowledge of the whole thing today, as a matter of fact, and whatever has been reported. We show up outside of our hotel, we’re told what cars to get in and we go. When the game’s over, we’re directed as to where our cars that are taking us to the airport or back to the hotel and we get in those vehicles and we go.

“None of us certainly had any idea that anything was going on that shouldn’t have been going on or that there were people involved with escorts that were supposed to be doing other jobs or anything like that. That was news to me.”

This was at the tail end of a Fox conference call to preview the NFC Championship Game. After Aikman answered, Michael Strahan interjected (good-naturedly, I think):

“Neil! You mean to tell me, Neil Best, you got on here and asked that question? All these years of knowing you and that’s all you got, a damn police escort?’’

Oh Michael! You crazy guy. Actually now that I think about it, not knowing who is driving you right before you’re going on air is definitely a possibility. I think the attention needs to be diverted away from Aikman, Buck and McCarver in this matter, and directed to the brass at FOX Sports.

Fox’ Troy Aikman was unaware of escort impropriety (Watchdog)