Versus, like any company these days, is trying everything they can do to get press and notierity on the cheap. They’ve recently started a marketing campaign for the network that has people sending in photos with their best use of the letter “V” for their logo. Basically various folks flashing the peace sign.

So what’s wrong with that you ask? Well just the fact that they are calling it “Show Me Your V”. Puck Daddy has some of the more interesting reactions…

Puck Daddy reader Tim: “In case you missed it, they have a new promotion that calls for its viewers to send in ‘extreme’ pictures of themselves. The promotion is called ‘Show Me Your V’. The idea is for the people to be showing acts of vengeance, versatility… whatever … while flashing the hippie-gang-sign. With the roughnecks that watch that station, there will be some interesting and literal interpretations of ‘Show Me Your V’. Honestly, that’s the most hilariously flawed promotional name I’ve come across. Leave it to the national broadcaster of the NHL.”

Puck Daddy reader James: “Ripe for abuse, begging to be eaten up……. wow my head is spinning.”

Oh, c’mon, it’s not that bad … is it?

On the one hand … “Show Me Your V?” Maybe our minds are so far in the gutter that we’ve got rats scurrying across them, but even Roger Moore’s James Bond would believe this double entendre is a tad too telegraphed.

That’s not a bad assessment, but “Show Me Your V” is almost so bad and obvious, that it’s even more funny. I mean the pictures are completely lame, and no aspiring model has taken it to the next level as of yet, so maybe they’re trying to be serious with this whole thing.

Show Me Your “V” (Versus)
Versus asks to see your ‘V’, doesn’t offer to buy dinner first (Puck Daddy)