Every Monday you will have anywhere from ten to twenty quotes to pick from and your votes will decide our weekly winner and ultimately the grand champion. I’ll have the winners and new standings up tomorrow and be sure to cast your vote at the bottom.

You guys were animals this past Saturday, so we’ve got 21 gems to choose from. There was a ton of innuendo, Brent Musburger not knowing Beyonce, Mike Patrick loving Coldplay, and Lou Holtz being depressing. We’re coming down to the last weekend people, so make the votes count!

The Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Twelve

1. “I love Coldplay.”- Mike Patrick

2. “He yanked it, pulled it from the get-go.” – Kelly Stouffer on a missed PAT

3. “Behind that group will be 27 seniors will take the field at Ohio stadium for the very first time today. For the very LAST time today”. – Brad Nessler on tOSU’s seniors

4. “Is Ratt nominated for an award?”- Chris Speilman on the AMAs

5. “That’s not a terrorist. It’s Florida State kicker Graham Gano.”- Ron Franklin, commenting on Gano’s ski mask in the Maryland cold

6. “The first turnover of the day for West Virginia, and they’ll have the ball in good field position.”- Andre Ware, as WVU gets the ball at about their own 15 yard line

7. “Keep your head down and stroke it well young guy”- Kelly Stouffer to the Oregon State kicker before the game winning field goal

8. “The only thing above us is the Goodyear Blimp and that thing’s a mile away.”- Brad Nessler

9. “Unofficially, we have him for three and a half sacks on his own.”- Ron Franklin

10. “Kinda tells you about Michigan’s season. The little truck that couldn’t do it and finally they get in.” – Bob Griese

11. “Remember this. Bear Bryant retired at age 69, and he died 28 days after he stopped coaching. If you don’t have something, and a purpose in your life, you’re gonna die.”- Lou Holtz

12. “You’re exactly right, Ray Lewis.” – Todd Harris talking to Ray Bentley

13. “Beyonse.”- Brent Musburger
“I know who Kenny Chesney is. The least you could know is who Beyonce is.”- Lisa Salters

14. “I’m not real good at Math, but that sounds like a backwards pass.”- Ray Bentley

15. “He’s not getting enough tasty balls that he can take a bite at.”- Petros Papdakis

16. “If a beagle could win the Westminster upset…..I don’t know if this would be that big but this would be big.” – Pat Haden

17. “Texas Tech first in the Big South, er, the Big 12 South.”- Mike Patrick

18. “He is in midseason form!”- Ray Bentley on Purdue’s Curtis Painter

19. “These guys are making me hot.”- Paul McGuire

20. “Hoyer has been bedeviled by wide receivers dropping balls on him this year.”- Mike Patrick

“Greg Orton came over and they slapped each other… on the palms.” – Pam Ward