I was flipping through Yahoo’s Playoff Generator this morning, and figured since I spent 30 minutes breaking down each teams odds at getting in, that I’d put up a thread that breaks down the war entirely. Feel free to correct, add to, and discuss all of what you see below in the comments.


New York Giants- Clinched top seed and first round bye with Week Sixteen win over Panthers, will have homefield advantage throughout the Playoffs.

Carolina Panthers- Can clinch the second seed and first round bye with a win over New Orleans, or a Falcons loss. If Carolina loses, and the Falcons win, they will secure the 5th seed

Minnesota Vikings- Can clinch the NFC North with a win against the Giants or a Bears loss on Monday Night (Green Bay), or in Week Seventeen. They have no shot at a Wild Card spot.

Arizona Cardinals- Have locked up the 4th Seed by winning the NFC West. Cannot move up to the 3rd seed under any scenario

Atlanta Falcons- Secured a Playoff spot by beating Minnesota in Week Sixteen. With a win at home against St. Louis, and a Panthers loss in New Orleans, the Falcons will get the 2nd seed and a first round bye. If the Philly beats Dallas, they will end up with the 5th seed, if Dallas wins…they get the 6th spot.

Dallas Cowboys- Win and they’re in. With an Atlanta loss against the Rams, and a win, they’re the 5th seed. Otherwise they’re in the 6th spot.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Has to win at Oakland, and needs losses from both Chicago (in one of their remaining two games) and Dallas. Can only clinch the sixth seed.
Philadelphia Eagles- Need to beat Dallas, have Tampa Bay lose to Oakland, and have Chicago lose on of their next two. Can also clinch if Chicago wins both games and they beat Dallas.

Chicago Bears- Can still win the NFC North with two wins and a Minnesota loss. Can also obtain the 6th seed with two wins, a Vikings win, and losses from Dallas, Atlanta and Tampa Bay.


Tennessee Titans- Clinched the top spot and homefield advangage with win over Steelers in Week Sixteen.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Have won the AFC North and have secured the 2nd seed, as well as a first round bye.

Indianaoplis Colts- Have clinched the top Wild Card spot by finishing second in the AFC South.

Denver Broncos/San Diego Chargers- Whoever wins their Week Seventeen Matchup will clinch the 4th seed by winning the AFC West.

Baltimore Ravens- Clinch only clinch the 6th spot. They can do so with a win over the Jaguars in Week Seventeen. They can also get in with a loss as long as the Dolphins beat the Jets, and the Bills beat the Patriots.

Miami Dolphins- Can win the AFC East with a win over the Jets and will have the 3rd seed. Lose and they’re out.

New England Patriots- Can win the AFC East, and the 3rd seed, with a win over the Bills and a Jets win over Miami. They can also lock up the 6th seed with a Dolphins win, and a Ravens loss to the Jags.

New York Jets- Can win the AFC East, and the 3rd spot, with a win against the Dolphins and a Patriots loss to the Bills. Can lock up the sixth seed with a win against the Dolphins, a Patriots win, and a Ravens loss

Whew. Is your head hurting as bad as mine at the moment? I can’t remember a final two weeks of the NFL Season where this many teams had a shot. It’s going to be a fun Week Seventeen!