I just wanted to take a brief moment to welcome one Daniel Shanoff to the group of bloggers currently residing over at Sporting News (no “The” anymore!). I think it’s safe to say that Shanoff is joining a Murderer’s Row of content providing machines (present company excluded) and according to MDS at Fanhouse….making SN “relevant again”….

It’s a smart business strategy from Sporting News, which all of a sudden feels like a must-read sports site. (It also may explain why Shanoff thinks Sporting Blog is “in” and FanHouse is “out”.) Sporting News is never going to win a bidding war for the Rick Reillys of the world with the Sports Illustrateds and ESPNs of the world, but it can attract high-quality sports writers. And it has.

That’s a nice thing to say Mr. Smith and I wholeheartedly agree. I don’t know about the “In and Out” part, but I’m happy there are choices for the average Sports Fan now….not just ESPN (not that there’s anything wrong with you if you still go to ESPN.com).

If you’re keeping score that’s Large from No Mas, Spencer Hall from Every Day Should Be Saturday, Dan Shanoff, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio doing two-columns-per-week on the .com, and Deadspin’s Will Leitch filing daily from the Super Bowl the end of this month. I’m personally honored to be mentioned in the same breath as those individuals.

But wait, there’s more! Even CNBC agrees……

While I’m still not sold on podcasting, I am sold on blogs. Some blogs. Good blogs. It’s how many people like to read today. Short, quick, funny, relevant comments instead of full articles.

The next step for The Sporting News is to get all these bloggers radio studios in their homes. It only cost a couple thousand dollars for the lines. And have them host a show called “The Bloggers” on Sporting News Radio.

Umm, I dunno about that. But you can get your daily fix of The Sporting Blog everyday by clicking that pretty logo there on the right, and be sure to check me out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Good times.

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