The Heisman Trophy is awarded by the Downtown Athletic Club of New York tonight, and lately, you might as well call it the award that goes to the quarterback or running back who has the gaudiest stats on a team in the BCS bowl games, more often than not. Tim Tebow last year seems the exception to the rule based on his absolutely gaudy numbers. This year, it’s Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford with the gaudy numbers, Tebow with good ones of his own, and Texas QB Colt McCoy who has great stats while having less talent around him to do it with.

I don’t like this award at all, so if you ask me who I think will win, I’ll say Bradford, even though he gets the stats because he runs all no-huddle (meaning more plays.) McCoy should win because he really is the Texas offensive engine, and the only reason Tebow is in the discussion with the other two this year is because he’s in the BCS title game and everyone at ESPN and CBS have massive Tebowners. If he wins a second Heisman, it’s more proof the award is a joke.

The problem is that this doesn’t really tell you who the best or most valuable player is in college football. Michael Crabtree is on another planet, but since someone has to get the ball to him, it’s tough — he’s probably the best player in the game. Defensive players don’t get any shake on this unless they’re Charles Woodson, who played both ways at Michigan (ask a Tennessee fan about that sometime), which means Rey Maualuga is SOL too.

Anyway, discuss it and enjoy the dragged-out ceremony.