Nothing against the group’s singing of the anthem, but you’re telling me the network that airs American Idol couldn’t have gotten a band better than one named “Bonerama”? Via B-Rama’s webpage….

The buzz on Bonerama grew with hometown acclaim (with the band winning numerous OffBeat Magazine Awards; and Mullins regularly topping Offbeat’s trombone category), lots of roadwork, and a pair of live albums – the first recorded close to home at the Old Point in Algiers; the second on tour in New York. The Boston Herald called them a “bonehead’s dream”; the Vail (CO) Daily noted that “the sound is fat and wet; sometimes downright lusty.” As hometown music zine Offbeat put it, “That nerdy kid in the band room with the trombone just might have the last laugh after all.”

Fat and wet my friends…..Bonerama is Fat and wet.

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