We all had a great time arguing whether David Tyree’s third down grab was the Greatest Super Bowl history. This is obviously as subjective as it gets buy my vote was a resounding yes and a few of you disagreed. Well Steve Sabol of NFL Films has come out with his opinion and from someone who has watching every Super Bowl about 8,000 times, I think he’s a good a judge as any….

I was sitting around with some people after Super Bowl XLII, talking about the dramatic finish and, in particular, the winning drive. We still were marveling over the catch David Tyree made, leaping high in the air and wrestling the ball away from New England’s Rodney Harrison, to keep the drive alive.

Someone said it might go down as the greatest catch in Super Bowl history, better than Max McGee’s one-handed stab in Super Bowl I, better than Butch Johnson’s tumbling touchdown grab for Dallas in Super Bowl XII, better even than Lynn Swann’s balletic leap for Pittsburgh in Super Bowl X.

I took it a step further. I said I thought it was the greatest PLAY in Super Bowl history.

That’s right everyone. Better than Vinatieri, better than Riggins’ run, better than the Mike Jones tackle, and better than Elway’s helicopter run. After thinking them all through I’m inclined to agree. Thinking back to how I reacted to all of those plays (minus the Riggins play) I’ve never going that crazy for a play in the Super Bowl ever. Not even for any play during the two Redskins Super Bowl wins I watched as a kid.

So that’s my two cents. I hope some of you that are a little older can share some other highlights that us youngins may not understand the gravity of, but my vote’s for Tyree.

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