Jerry Sloan cursed on-air back in the middle of December and everyone was up in arms. Sloan was pissed at ESPN (who aired the F-bom) and everyone kind of made a big deal about it for a few days. It was quickly forgotten about…..until today.

TNT will be without locker room access to either the Jazz or Suns tonight according to Utah Jazz representatives….

Last time the Jazz played a nationally televised game on a major cable network, Jerry Sloan swore at halftime. Thanks to an ESPN production blunder, the entire viewing nation — oops — heard.

Sloan’s penchant for cussing shouldn’t go public this time — at least not when the longtime Jazz coach is in the privacy of his team’s own locker room.

That’s because, according to team and league spokesmen, there will be no cameras or microphones in either the home locker room or the visitor’s locker room at EnergySolutions Arena for Utah’s TNT-televised game tonight against the Phoenix Suns.

Well that stinks for TNT doesn’t it? Just because ESPN made an error, they won’t get the same access now.

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P.S.- For you Wizards fans out there, Caron Butler will be on Inside the NBA tonight.