Why NBC wouldn’t flex the Jets and the Dolphins in this spot, or even the Cowboys and Eagles, is beyond me. Buuuut, they must have reasoning behind their decision to make Denver and San Diego, the last game of the NFL Season. Al Michaels announced it on air last night, and I could almost feel America’s collective groan through my television set.

It’s definitely an important game, and could certainly turn out to be a barn burner, but it’s definitely a questionable decision given all of the other choices. I think we know who to blame for this one too. This guy….

Yep, Brett Lorenzo Favre. If he doesn’t lay an egg in Seattle, it’s almost a lock that Miami-New York is next Sunday’s game.

Update: Here are the rest of the Week Seventeen moves….

Dolphins at Jets (CBS, 4:15pm)
Jags at Ravens (CBS, 4:15pm)
Cowboys at Eagles (FOX, 4:15pm)