Noooooo! As far as sideline reporters go, Stacey Dales has to be up near the top. She runs down coaches, asks meaningful questions and seems to know everything about the Sport she covers. Well that talent will no longer be gracing the airwaves of ESPN as she failed to reach a contract agreement with the “Leader”. From an emailer to Deadspin….

According to an emailer, college basketball and football sideline reporter Stacey Dales could not reach a contract agreement with ESPN for 2009, so she’ll no longer be chasing down coaches and players for the WWL. ESPN has confirmed that rumor.

Here’s a portion of the email they most likely won’t confirm: “Refused to sign her contract, even though ESPN management repeatedly kept re-offering her a chance to sign. Rumor is she had trouble dealing with the travel stipulations of flying coach; while she watched many of her talent colleagues pile into first class.”

Obviously that last quote is just a rumor, they fact that she is gone is not. ESPN has since confirmed her departure, and if the rumor actually is true, that would be a crappy way for a company to lose one of their best employees.

Stacey Dales Out At ESPN, Turns in Long Pantsuits and Microphone (Deadspin)