Willis McGahee, signing things for the airmen at Andrews Air Force Base, outside of D.C.

I saw that Momma’s Boy ad during halftime. My jaw’s still dropping that someone green-lighted this for production.

Anyway, Suisham kicks off to Yamon Figurs and he gets to the 21 to start. McGahee gets a yard, and follows it up with seven more up the middle. Rice gets the next carry, but is short of the first, and that’s a quick 3rd and out. Randle El fair catches at the 31 of the Skins. Portis gets 2 yards on the first carry, but loses 4 on the screen pass on the next play. Campbell hits Randle El, but he’s two yards short as Corey Ivy makes a very nice neck tackle that had to hurt.

Figurs collects the punt and gets taken down at his own 20. Flacco to Mark Clayton for six on the screen pass.

Gary Cole is in everything. Now he’s playing the blonde secret agent’s con man dad in Chuck. I still expect him to be Lumbergh at all times.

Screen to McGahee for a first down. Ball at the 32, Flacco airs it for Clayton but it’s over his head. McLain gets up to the 35 for a 3rd and 7. Flacco throws a bullet to Clayton at the 48 for a first down — had some nice zip on it. McLain gets 2 on the carry. Flacco goes for Heap on the rollout 20 yards deep, but Carlos Rogers breaks it up. He hits Rice on the 3rd down play, but London Fletcher and DeAngelo Hall hit him short of the first down marker.

Madden: “Any time a team spends this much time in the huddle, it’s a pass”. And…it was actually a pass by the Ravens. He must have figured that out playing his video game. – Mal

Superstars of Dance? Really, NBC?

4th and 1….fake toss, and then a heave over across the field to Todd Heap, who picks up 24 yards. Complete psych-out of the Skins’ defense. McLain gets another couple yards, up to the 17. McGahee goes up to the 14. Flacco gets flushed out and hit, but he gets the ball off and it’s out of bounds. Matt Stover is on for a 32 yard FG try….up and good. 17-0, Ravens.

And the kicker is down!

“Crab cakes. You come to Baltimore, you gotta have that. That would have been a better choice than the osso bucco you had last night, John.” – Al

Mmmmmm….crab cakes….Old Bay….hungry. Stover is apparently okay. Cartwright brings the kickoff back to the 36. Betts gains a yard on 1st down; Sellers makes the grab on the next play for six. Campbell’s pass to Thomas is short and incomplete. Jim Leonard gets hit at the 18 after the Plackenmeier punt. The Ravens lose eight yards on the first play, McGahee gets four of those back. Flacco throws over the middle, and LaRon Landry picks him off, bringing it back to the 25!

Campbell scrambles to the left and gains nine yards to start, Betts gets all the way to the 15 for the first down. 4th quarter, ahoy!

The pass to Randle El gets broken up. Betts up to the 12, 3rd and 7. Blitz coming, and Terrell Suggs takes down Campbell way far back for a 4th and 20. Suisham from 43…..it’s good, 17-3, Ravens. Washington avoids a shutout.

Jim Leonard brings the kick out to the 33, as I wonder why every stadium plays Bush’s “Machinehead” at least once a game before kickoffs. Mason gets four on the catch. McGahee with the carry…and he’s got another case of fumbleitis, and DeAngelo Hall picks it up. Ruling of a fumble on the field… this will probably be challenged. But McGahee is still on the ground, first.

Call upheld. Campbell hits Betts in the flat from the 30, and Betts hustles down the sideline for a 1st and goal. He gets the carry on the next play, and Suggs stuffs Betts for at least a 3 yard loss. Campbell has to throw it away on 2nd down thanks to a corner blitz. Betts catches the pass out of the backfield, but gets nailed by Ray Lewis at the 5. Skins will have to go for it, but take a time out first.

4th down…Campbell drops back, fires it through the middle, and Randle El holds on for the TOUCHDOWN! Suisham’s kick is up and good, 17-10, Ravens.

McLain gets nine yards on the first carry, with Lorenzo Neal blocking for him. McLain gets out past the 25 for a first down after Bad Lo nails London Fletcher. Another big hole for Le’Ron, but he fumbles it at the 45. Lucky break, as a Ravens O-lineman falls on it.

“I think LaDainian Tomlinson is in San Diego waiting for him to come back.” – John

Why is Jim Zorn challenging for four or five yards, essentially? All it does is put you at the 44 instead of the 49. You lose this and you have no challenges for anything more important.

So you get 5 yards, but it doesn’t change that it’s a first down and you don’t have any more challenges. Absolutely no benefit for Zorn and the Skins. End around to Mark Clayton, and he gets to the Redskins 44. McLain goes to the 40, barreling over a couple of guys. McLain gets up to the 33 for another first down, and they’re just moving it all the way down and sucking the life out of the Skins. Three more yards, and Flacco has completed 10 of his last 10 handoffs.

The Delaware product backs up, throws for the end zone, and Derrick Mason comes down with it, crossing the plane. TOUCHDOWN, RAVENS! Stover’s kick is up and good, 24-10, Baltimore.

Carlos Rogers’ next job: Pumping gas at Arco. – SSReporters

I doubt there’s a Skins fan who would miss him. Meanwhile, Le’Ron McLain has the right to say to the Redskins, “Hey, fuckhead. Did I come at a bad time?”

Campbell’s incomplete on 3rd and 4, and they’ll probably go for it in one last gap, even though this game is over, for all intents and purposes. Moss makes the catch and moves the chains to the 39. 2 minute warning. Campbell drops back….and he’s picked by Ed Reed once again, who slides to the ground in a nice little pose to top it off.

“I think my eyes would look that way, I’d see Ed Reed…and I’d go the other way.” – John. McLain goes for a couple of yards. More McLain, as we run out the clock.

“If you can beat the good teams, then you go to the playoffs. If you can’t, then you sit at home, eat cheeseburgers, and watch it on TV.” – John
“No BCS rankings.” – Al

Who gives a flying fuck about Michael Phelps, NBC? Stop showing him.

“Now come up with that 14-point play in 8 seconds!” – John

This game will end 24-10, with a Ravens victory. See you guys next week for the Giants and the Cowboys.