I missed this earlier, but Rob Parker went on ESPN2 to talk with Michael Kim, and the network gave Parker the opportunity to publicly apologize on National Television. Here’s the clip in case you haven’t seen it yet….


The more I think about it, the more I do think it was an attempt at humor, but also an extremely bad one. The odd part is that while Parker maintains that he and Marinelli are on good terms, the Coach is actually not currently forgiving the beat reporter. Via MLive….

“Anytime you attack my daughter, I’ve got a problem with that. In a room of stink … and as a man and it was premeditated. I think there was something wrong with that, yeah.”

When asked about Parker’s apology column, Marinelli said: “I didn’t read it, but I was told a little bit about it. I don’t accept anything. There are so many times people will say … I had an assistant coach (Jim Colletto) one time make a remark with you guys that he didn’t want to embarrass a player (Drew Stanton), did he take that remark back? Would you guys let him? No, you went from our practice field and ran to the locker room and put a microphone in front of the player — and (the coach) didn’t mean it that way. Do you remember that? To me, this is worse. Because his intent was to stir me up which is never going to happen. I can shoulder anything you bring. Easy. I can shoulder anything you bring.”

There are obviously worse things that Parker could have said when referring to Marinelli’s daughter, but I think the general rule of thumb is that you just leave people’s family members out of any discussion.

Lions’ Marinelli won’t accept Parker’s apology (M Live)