21 to 3 Trojans at halftime, and hopefully this thing will get exciting at some point.

USC picks up a quick first down to the TE Davis and that kid is going to be an awesome pro. And he gets another first right after that. Ball at the 50. Incomplete on first down by Booty and Washington picks up nothing on the 2nd down run. Third and long…incomplete. USC will punt…

“I can do without the flips. Kick that kid off the sideline. Don’t let him play the rest of the game as far as I’m concerned.” – Doug Flutie via False Rumour Monger

Get off Doug Flutie’s Lawn!

Illinois comes out throwing……..and then…….

TOUCHDOWN ILLINOIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Mendenhall takes it to the house! 79 Yards and somehow we’ve got a game.

Sorry about that folks…..lost internet there for a second. Juice keeps it on first down for three. WHOOOOO! Mendenhall again goes sprinting down the field and takes it all the way to the USC 22! 55 Yard screen.

Fumble on the FB run!!!!!! Illinois gets it back….whoa. 2nd and 11…..Juice to Willis and he’s wide open. ANOTHER FUMBLE!!!!! And it’s USC’s ball as Willis fumbles into the endzone. Dagger.

Miller is flying around the field today. Stops McKnight for a loss. Incomplete on on second down and it’s 3rd and long. Booty to Johnson and he picks up the first down. A holding penalty makes it 1st Down and 20……

McKnight on the lateral picks it up on the bounce! He’s gone!!! No……Davis hunts him down!!! Wow….that dude is fast. There’s a replay to see if it was a lateral but that’s going to stand. USC ball at the Illinois 23. Incomplete on 1st down and Washington gets a few on second down.

PICK! No….pass interference. First down USC.

TOUCHDOWN USC!!! Booty to Davis and he was wide open.

28-10 USC.

Does USC get a taunting penalty every single TD? Good lord. Kickoff from the 15 and the Kicker destroys it. All the way to the goal line.

And Juice is picked off on first down…..that’s your game folks. McKnight down the sideline for a first down and Booty follows it up with a 30 yarder to the Fullback Havili. Booty to Davis for 8 yards and then…..

TOUCHDOWN USC!!! McKnight up the middle untouched.

35-10 Trojans.

Aaaaaand the USC sucking-up for next season starts already. Happy 2008, everyone!- Willmott

Greaaaaat. I can’t wait.

Mendenhall has the Illini moving again on the option and into USC territory. Can someone say too little too late? ANOTHER ILLINOIS FUMBLE!!! You have to be getting me. Cumberland one the cough up this time.

McKnight picks up nine on first down and he’s going to be amazing. Dammit….the USC hype has already made it’s way to this site.

“Here’s one for you Kirk, I know how you like those dancing shows.”- Brent Musburger

“Part of the reason we enjoy this game every year is the sunset.”- Brent Musburger

Ummmm…..okay. That’s the third quarter folks. USC is driving….again.

TOUCHDOWN USC…..Booty to Ausberry…..


Sorry for the delay….stepped away to post the Sugar Bowl open thread. I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss anything though.

Oooooh silver helmets for the Warriors tonight. Pretty. Illinois is driving but Juice Williams is trying to give it back to the Trojans.

Okay who the hell is Bonerama?

TOUCHDOWN USC……49-10, and another celebration flag.

This game just won’t end…..



“McGee comes in and throws a seed to…..a seem to Benn.”- Kirk Herbstreit

“And Pete Carrol could be the best all-around coach in any league.”- Brent Musburger

Right….a coach that doesn’t win a National Championship is the best in both College and Pro, Brent.

“I’ve said you’re the greatest filler for a blowout I’ve ever worked with.”- Brent Musburger to Kirk Herbstreit

Awww…..now let’s go watch the sunset together.

And that’s your game. A blowout as expected but fun none the less. 49-17 Trojans and they win their 4,000th Rose Bowl.