Sorry for being a little late to the party, but Happy New Year everyone. I’m just going with the standard Pammy look today and adding quotes as they come in. Enjoy all of the games today and email me at if you come across anything interesting.

I’ll put some other goodness up throughout the day as I come across it.

“And he runs in the end zone for a first down… and a touchdown!”- Sean McDonough (Via Fred)

“He is not known for running backwards.” – Pat Summerall on Darren McFadden (Via Fairplay)

“The reason Michigan went in to the hurry up offense with about 2:30 left was because they had no timeouts left. They had used all their timeouts in the first half.”- Todd Blackledge

It was the first half when he said this, so did he mean the first half of the first half, AKA the first quarter? (Via mattycb8)

“I don’t think Al Gore…..Al Gore, listen to me. Al GROH got any satisfaction out of this conversation.”- Verne Lundquist

“We have to finish the job here if we wanna have a happy ending.”- UVA Coach Al Groh (Via Matt)

“You know, I did Larry Fitzgerald when he was a young redshirt freshman at Pittsburgh.”- Gary Danielson (Via Fairplay)

TMI Gary….TMI!

“A little bit tongue cheek here Brent…er Verne.”- Gary Danielson

He hasn’t worked with anyone else in two years who does he think he’s talking to?

“Okay Jeanne, Happy Birth….Happy New Year to you too.”- Pat Summerall


FYI, Here were/are my picks for today. I’m 11-8-2 after a debacle of a day yesterday.

Tenn -2.5 (W)
Ark +4 (L)
Mich +10.5
UVA +6
USC -14
Hawaii +8

“He’s (Tebow) not going to party, he’s going to do charitable work with kids….”- Holly Rowe
Holly I can see Todd doing something like that while you and I go to Daytona.”- Mike Patrick

God Mike Patrick is so damn random. Way to ruin a heartfelt piece about Tebow from Holly.

From Earlier via reader Skip…..

“Any time you’re in a big football game, turnovers are costly.” – Chris Spielman (thanks Captain Obvious)

(Tossing to the Flomax halftime report) “Rece Davis will provide us with a steady stream of information.”- Sean McDonough


“You hear people say if it’s too good to be true it ISN’T, well, Tebow is the real deal.” – Mike Patrick (Via Gibbon Jockey)

Ha…what does that even mean?

“Of course Hart has that shield in there he doesn’t have to worry about someone sticking his finger in his eye through there either.”- Mike Patrick

Would be a great comment if the cameraman didn’t show Hart on the sidelines taking off his helmet which had no shield on it.