Lost in all of the Bissinger talk yesterday was this story via MDS at Fanhouse. Apparently Mike Tirico and Michele Tafoya were talking about Deadspin and the like yesterday when Tafoya decided to go to the site for presumably the first time on-air. Here was her initial reaction….

“While you were talking I went to Deadspin, just to take a glance, because I don’t frequent that site by any stretch of the imagination. I see very quickly why it is popular with a certain audience, and it disgusts me. And that’s all I’m going to say.”

I’m guessing that she saw the post about SexySoxGirls.com or Ronadldo’s Tranny Prostitutes, but I could be wrong. I wouldn’t call either of those stories disgusting, but I could see why a woman might not like those posts. Well, almost immediately following that segment Tafoya had a discussion with a producer about of all things….guys at urinals….

Phil: It’s the same thing with urinals in the men’s room.
Tafoya: It is?
Phil: The same thing.
Tafoya: So it should be every other one. But has that happened to you, Phil?
Phil: Absolutely. There’s a row of urinals, about 10 of them, you go to one on the end, you go to number two, the guy goes right next to you, to number three, while four through 10 are open.
Tafoya: Is he trying to pick up on you maybe?
Phil: No.
Tafoya: What’s the stance of his feet?

So pictures of a few attractive chicks or a story about Ronaldo hiring legal prostitutes is disgusting, but urinal talk and guy’s stances aren’t? Glad we could clear that up. I understand that there is a lot of misogyny in the Blogosphere, but that’s just a tad bit hypocritical. Especially when the Red Sox girls submit the pictures themselves to that website.

Michelle Tafoya on Deadspin: ‘It Disgusts Me’ (But Talking About Men at Urinals Doesn’t) (Fanhouse)