I was really hoping that this would be a one week thing especially after providing absolutely nothing last week, but alas….that doesn’t appear to be the case….

This week’s NFL line-up will include Saturday and Sunday editions of Sunday NFL Countdown pre-game show, weekday editions of NFL Live, and weekend editions of NFL Matchup and the NFL PrimeTime highlights show. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards (pictured between Stan Verrett and Sean Salisbury) is scheduled to make a guest analyst appearance this week. He will appear on NFL Live Thursday and Friday at 4 p.m. ET and the Saturday morning SportsCenter.

Yes folks he’ll provide even more hard-hitting commentary like this….

Question: ” What AFC team has the best chance to beat the Patriots?”
Herm’s Answer: “Everybody has a chance. It’s according to how you play the day you play. The Pats are on a great run. They have a great QB. There are probably some teams out there that have a chance to beat them, but I’m not going to say who they are”.


(Thanks to reader Mal for the quote)