Okay, Joe Theismann is really starting to annoy me now. Not like when he was on Monday Night Football annoying, but annoying me for randomly talking trash about someone else at least once a month for the past six months or so. It was Tony Kornheiser multiple times for the first few months and Jaworski most recently, but now he’s randomly targeting bad GMs. He’s now calling out Detroit GM Matt Millen for some reason.

From the Detroit Free Press…..

Does Joe Theismann want Matt Millen’s job?

Theismann said on Chicago radio station WSCR that Detroit Lions president Matt Millen “hasn’t helped former players get into management because he’s done a lousy job.”

Theismann, who was recently axed by ESPN from “Monday Night Football” and replaced by Ron Jaworski, also said: “Could I or anybody do a better job (with the Lions)? I don’t know. But it would be a wonderful challenge.”

That’s about the most random thing I’ve ever heard. I’m pretty sure you don’t want Joe Theeeeeesman in charge of anything, but I could be wrong. And while he’s wrong for bringing this up out of the blue he’s right about one thing….anybody could do a better job than Millen.

Taking over for Matt Millen would be a ‘wonderful challenge’ (Detroit Free Press)