Having worked in the bullpen of a struggling NBA team selling tickets I couldn’t find this story more hilarious and troubling at the same time. The Timberwolves are doing something so crazy that their season tickets might end up costing only $43 dollars. No not per game….for the whole season! Via Randball…..

Maybe this has been out there for a while, but the “Pay the Pick” deal advertised during last night’s televised Timberwolves game at Detroit was a new one to us. The deal: Your season ticket pre game price is equal to whatever pick the Wolves get in the draft. They pick No. 1? $43 for 43 games, or $1 per game. Seriously. $86 for the No. 2 pick. And so on. Perhaps this underscores our insanity or our love of a great deal, but it intrigues us.

It’s a heck of a gamble but if the Wolves do get the first or second pick you’ll be getting a great deal and you’ll also get to see Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley. At worst the Wolves can finish sixth in the lottery and a season ticket would come to $258. That’s a heck of a deal, but I’d worry about keeping my salespeople and other Season ticket holders happy as well. Still might be worth a try though.

Wednesday (Pay the pick) edition: Wha’ Happened? (Randball)