I don’t even have the words to describe the ridiculousness of this cover that the publication Golfweek has decided to publish for the week of January 19th. Just look for yourself (From The Sporting Blog)

No that’s not a photoshop….that’s the real cover. Someone said this earlier in the comments of the Bucky Waters post (and it couldn’t be more true) that it seems like we get one or two of these PC items a day now. This one just blows my mind. What in your right mind would let you publish something like that? Well here’s Golfweek Editor Dave Seanor’s response…..

“Was it an arresting image? Yes, it was. We chose it because it was an image we thought would draw attention to an issue we thought deserved some intelligent dialogue. If you’re going to do this story on the cover, you don’t have many choices. It’s Kelly Tilghman’s face or a noose.”

Clearly those were your ONLY choices. Not a picture of Tiger Woods. No why you want to do that and turn your respected publication into a tabloid?

Golfweek Uses Lynching Comment to Sell Mags (The Sporting Blog)