So I was reading varies items around the net on FOX’s coverage of BCS, and came across the best analogy that anyone could have come with regarding the network’s coverage the past few days. Via Ryan White at The Oregonian….

Not only is there a maddening mess at the top, but Illinois and Hawaii clearly looked as if they didn’t belong in the games they were in (though we’ll cut Hawaii some slack), and, tonight in the Orange Bowl, Kansas has a chance to prove it doesn’t belong as well. Still, the worst news is that the game’s on Fox, which covers college football the way we expect Slayer would cover Chopin: Poorly.

Hilarious and spot on if you ask me. Not only is it the Announcers and analysts that they trot out every game it’s the Pregame/Halftime shows and overall production. Can someone at the network please explain to me what the infatuation was with Oklahoma’s band? Not only did they play their damn fight song after every single play, but FOX showed them about 4,000 times. While I think bands are a great part of the College Footall experience, FOX’s coverage of OU’s band was borderline maddening.

The announcing was much improved from the previous night, and I understand that it’s tough to cover so many games right in a row, but why don’t they pick a team and stick with it? There’s no reason to have a different team for each BCS game. If you insist on a three-man team….Vasgersian is a great lead, Charles Davis is much improved, and Pat Haden could be your third. As long as they don’t constantly talk over each other I think they would suffice.

Just try to fix up this unsightly BCS mess (The Oregonian)