I’m going to throw a lot of numbers at you in this post, so everyone put on your thinking caps. Again, I’m still learning all I can about the ratings system so if I misspeak please let me know in the comments.

After perusing all of the figures below it appears that the big winner for the year is clearly CBS who is up 8.6% in terms of average viewers per game. This is obviously due to strength of the AFC Matchups throughout the year, and based on that only they almost took over the overall lead away from FOX. The biggest losers are far and away the Primetime Networks (ESPN and NBC), and I’ve finally figured out the spin that ESPN has been putting on their ratings all year. Sure they set records for individual games on Cable, but for the first time since 1970 a Primetime game hasn’t beat an Afternoon game on network television. ESPN compared apples to oranges all year long in the press by matching themselves versus High School Musical on the cable side. In actuality ESPN was down for the year in terms of viewers from 2006 to the tune of about 1 million people per game.

Okay, enough of my babbling…..here are the numbers. Oh and don’t freak out like I did with the NFL Network’s ratings. They include the simulcast numbers from CBS and NBC for some reason (via SBD)…….

Rating- 10.7/10.6
+/- 0.9%
Avg # of Viewers Per Game- 17,100,000/16,600,000
+/- 3.0%

Rating- 10.3/9.8
+/- 5.1%
Avg # of Viewers Per Game- 16,566,000/15,248,000
+/- 8.6%

Rating- 10.0/11.0
+/- -9.1%
Avg # of Viewers Per Game- 15,964,000/17,504,000
+/- -8.8%

Rating- 8.6/9.9
+/- -13.1%
Avg # of Viewers Per Game- 11,230,000/12,325,000
+/- -8.9%

NFL Network

Rating- 7.1/5.4
+/- 31.5%
Avg # of Viewers Per Game- 4,600,000/3,100,000
+/- 48.4%

As far as pregame shows go every network basically every Network was either equal to or below their totals from last year. The biggest loser is NBC with Football Night In America down about 400,000 viewers per telecast. Monday Night Countdown also lost a good number of individuals as well and I was surprised to see they only averaged 2,640,000 viewers for the year.

Biggest Games of 2007:


11/4- “NFL on CBS”: Patriots-Colts


11/11- “NFL on Fox”: Cowboys-Giants


11/25- “Sunday Night Football”: Eagles-Patriots


12/3- “Monday Night Football”: Patriots-Ravens


11/29- “Thursday Night Football”: Packers-Cowboys