This was news to me but it’s pretty darn cool. Apparently snow can boost your ratings by 20%, which is why the Giants-Packers game will be the late game instead of the early one.

Last Saturday, when he saw snow falling in Green Bay before Seahawks-Packers, Fox Sports prez Ed Goren had one question for Roger Goodell. “Can we get the special effects to continue during the game?” Goren asked the commissioner.

Goren believes snow has a “positive” effect on the ratings. “I’ve always gone into these things rooting for snow,” he said without a trace of compunction.

What’s good for a television network is not always in the best interests of a sport. What’s good for TV ratings can also severely compromise the quality of play. Only the NFL, in concert with its TV partners, can turn a crucial championship game into an ice sculpture. This shows exactly where the NFL’s priority is. And it’s certainly not on the on-field product. Moving both championship games – especially Giants-Packers – into later Sunday time slots is all about maximizing the universe of eyeballs at the NFL’s disposal.

Well how about that. You learn something new everyday right? I would think that bad weather games would make people tune out, but then again the best MNF Football game of the year was the 3-0 Steelers-Dolphins slop fest. I’d root for snow, but I’m going to feel bad for those Packers fans if they are stuck out in those conditions.

Cold truth is NFL loves ratings, not ideal playing conditions (NY Daily News)

Here are the rating trends over the past nine years to take into consideration (Via SBD)…..


’07- 25.1/45, 43,247,000, Saints-Bears
’06- 20.8/31, 35,233,000, Panthers-Seahawks
’05- 25.8/46, 42,937,000, Falcons-Eagles
’04- 23.2/35, 40,444,000, Panthers-Eagles
’03- 23.8/45, 38,741,000, Buccaneers-Eagles
’02- 22.7/40, 37,429,000, Eagles-Rams
’01- 20.6/44, 30,513,000, Vikings-Giants
’00- 26.9/47, 42,635,250, Buccaneers-Rams
’99- 25.7/54, 38,220,000, Falcons-Vikings


’07- 26.4/39, 46,695,000, Patriots-Colts
’06- 23.6/44, 39,001,000, Steelers-Broncos
’05- 25.8/38, 44,334,000, Patriots-Steelers
’04- 24.7/46, 40,115,000, Colts-Patriots
’03- 24.6/38, 41,456,000, Titans-Raiders
’02- 21.2/46, 33,313,000, Patriots-Steelers
’01- 22.6/42, 35,140,000, Ravens-Raiders
’00- 23.2/48. 35,973,120, Titans-Jaguars
’99- 26.6/48, 42,000,000, Jets-Broncos