Kirk Herbstreit could possibly be living the beautiful and clean town of Columbus, Ohio for whereabouts unknown because he has put his $3 million dollar house on the market. From TSD Mag via EDSBS

You have to love living in Columbus, Ohio sometimes. No it’s not NY or LA but you still hear things. Apparently Kirk Herbstreit’s home is on the market. I heard this through a friend who lives in Upper Arlington where Kirk also lives. Not sure exactly if he’s moving outside of Columbus or just getting a bigger house than the current rumored $3-4 million home he has now.

The early odds are in on where Kirk could be moving to and I’ll be taking all bettors starting at 1:30pm….

1:2- Bristol, Connecticut
3:1- New York, New York
5:1- Eugene, Oregon (said the Ducks have the best fans in the nation)
10:1- ESPN HQ (it’s rumored that there may or my not be pods for personalities to sleep in)
2500:1- Newark, NJ (the only place on earth worse than Columbus, Ohio….I kid, I kid)

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