I don’t know how many people caught Brent Musburger and Steve Lavin’s call of the Illinois-Wisconsin game last night, but it was definitely one for the ages. Not only did Musburger rant about Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson (ending it with “Ya gotta abstain, buddy”) AND ask Steve Lavin if he wants to get a beer after the game…..but he mentioned Erin Andrews going to the Playboy Mansion. Seriously.

Via reader JA……

Just after halftime of the Wisconsin-Illinois game on ESPN, Steve Lavin observed that the Wisconsin student section had been chanting “Er-in An-drews, Er-in Andrews.” He then observed that she’s a bigger rock star than, among others, the Beatles. Brent Musburger responded: “When she goes to meet Hugh Hefner, I wanna go with her.”

I know he was referring to the Playboy Sexiest Sportscaster Contest, but you CAN’T say that on-air! Good lord. I missed the video of that one but thanks goodness for Brahsome!

Here’s the “Beer” quote on his throw to SportsCenter. Wait for it…..Waaaaait for it…..


LavinBurger Love Them Some Erin Andrews (Brahsome)

(Thanks to readers Adam and Nathan for also writing in regarding Brent)