I’ll be in and out of this space all night adding the quotes below this space. I hope this game is a little bit more exciting than the Rose Bowl.

Hawaii vs. Georgia
The Sugar Bowl
8:30 PM ET, January 1, 2008
Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Weather: Dome
Spread: GA -9, O/U 69
AA’s Pick: Hawaii +9….again, buy the half (Record 9-5-1)
Announcers: Thom Brennamen (FOX)

Team Leaders

Hawaii Passing: Brennan- 71.4%, 4174 Yards, 38 TDs, 14 INTs
Georgia Passing: Stafford- 55.4%, 2348 Yards, 18 TDs, 9 INTs

Hawaii Rushing: Pilares- 61 Carries, 362 Yards, 5.9 avg, 3 TDs
Georgia Rushing: Moreno- 239 Carries, 1273 Yards, 5.3 avg, 12 TDs
Hawaii Receiving: Grice-Mullen- 100 Catches, 1335 Yards, 13.4 avg, 12 TDs
Georgia Receiving: Bailey- 37 Catches, 597 Yards, 16.1 avg, 4 TDs

Ladies and Gentleman…….BONERAMA!!!!!!!!


“With Nomar Moreno you never know whether he’s down or not.”- Thom Brennamen

Umm that’s not his name Thom.

“That’s quite a car, the Nissan Murano” -Thom Brennamen
“Kinda like a Knowshon Moreno. They’ve both got the same kind of pickup!” -Charles Davis
(Via Willmott)

“They were in the Sugar Bowl two years ago but had to play that in New Orleans because of Katrina” – Thom Brennaman
“Atlanta” – Charles Davis
(Via SS Reporters)

“We’ve talked about how Hawai’i has come back frequently this season – or at least a handul of times” – Thom Brennamen (Via Gibbon Jockey

“First Down for the Gators…”- Thom Brennaman (Via Anon)

“I can’t believe they’re spending this long on a challenge in a 38 to 3 game with 24 seconds to go in the third quarter.”- Thom Brennamen

Amen Thom. This is ridiculous……it’s been about 5 minutes and it’s Midnight here on the East Coast.

“Plenty of people woke up looking like UGA this morning. Happy New Year, everyone!” – Thom Brennaman (Via S2N)

Hahaha….they’re already naming the game’s MVP.

“In Basketball, when know that’s a technical and loss of posession. In Football, I just checked with Dave Katea the Supervisors of Officials for the Pac-10, it’s no foul. It just gets waved off and you start the down again and play. That’s why there was no flag.”- Charles Davis

Again….if you don’t know the rules. Please don’t call the game. Doesn’t everyone who watches Football know that the refs just don’t acknowledge the player when they’re calling a timeout?

“I tell you Charles, we’ve got 10 minutes left in this game.”- Thom Brennamen

Thankfully Thom is wrong again. There’s only 8 minutes left.

“Just bringing you back to the Sugar Bowl. Better than as ‘War and Peace’ because it will never end.” – Scott Van Pelt (Via The Unreliable Narrator)

Ha….that about sums it up. Bonerama to you all and to all a good night. See you tomorrow for a full day of AA.